1107 training camp

your skills

We have specialized instructors in MTB, gravel, and road biking strategically positioned in regions famous for hosting major international cycling events. In the USA, we are located in the Eden region of Utah. In Brazil, we are situated at the confluence of the Paraíba Valley, Southern Minas Gerais, and the coast of Rio de Janeiro, where renowned events such as L’Étape Brasil, Giro d’Italia Brasil, and the UCI Mountain Bike World Series take place. With their experience, they are ready to assist athletes in overcoming local challenges, sharing the secrets of champions.

Furthermore, we have partnered with the All Black MTB resort in Camanducaia-MG, offering an ideal environment for immersive MTB training for athletes of all levels, as well as massage and post-training recovery services. Contact us to create an exclusive itinerary for you.

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