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Explore the world sustainably, culturally, and ecologically through bike tourism. We offer 7-day itineraries in Brazil and in the Eden region of Utah.

7-day packages

Includes lodging, meals (breakfast and dinner), bike rentals (including electric bikes), and a local guide.

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Camanducaia-MG – Monte Verde-MG

Situated between Southern Minas and São Paulo, this region dazzles with its lush landscape, where biodiversity blends with rich gastronomy, offering an authentic tourist experience in the heartland of Brazil. With the All Black MTB Resort as a base, this itinerary promises thrilling challenges for mountain bike enthusiasts, such as:


 Route Distance Elevation

Crossing Camanducaia to Monte Verde

28.8 mi 2,354 ft
Hills Stone of São Domingos – Gonçalves 41.7 mi 7,941 ft
São Francisco Xavier-SP

The Metropolitan Region of Vale do Paraíba, with São José dos Campos standing out, showcases a development comparable to that of European cities.* São Francisco Xavier, a tourist resort in São José dos Campos, offers urban infrastructure amidst the preserved nature of the Atlantic Forest. This route is ideal for those seeking contact with nature without giving up urban comfort, with outdoor activities and good food. The journey concludes with days of stay at the All Black MTB Resort in Camanducaia.

*Data source: Human Development Index (HDI) – United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


 Route Distance Elevation
Excursion to the São Francisco Lookout 27.3 mi 4,241 ft
Casinha Challenge 24,8 mi 3,552 ft
SFX – Camanducaia Crossing 32.6 mi 5,243 ft
Explore the thrilling cycling tourism in Jundiaí, where the imposing Serra do Japi, known as the “Castle of Waters,” offers the richness of the native Atlantic Forest, with its fauna, flora, and crystalline waterfalls, creating an ideal setting for challenging trails and stunning landscapes. Discover the rich local culture and enjoy the excellent quality of life, with one of the highest Human Development Index in Brazil. Come bike with us and experience Jundiaí uniquely.


 Route Distance Elevation

Serra do Japi Route

16,9 mi 3,432 ft
Bom Jesus de Pirapora Crossing 43,4 mi 4,801 ft
Monterrey Farm 31.7 mi 3,143 ft

Cunha, situated strategically between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, enchants with its breathtaking green landscapes of the Serra da Bocaina National Park and the Serra do Mar State Park, as well as the paths leading to the picturesque coastal region of Paraty, in Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, Cunha is renowned for its rich culture, standing out in ceramic production and offering refined gastronomy, while Paraty is a city steeped in history and offers typical caiçara cuisine. This itinerary promises tourism amidst stunning landscapes and thrilling challenges for mountain bike enthusiasts, including:


 Route Distance Elevation
Rota das Cachoeiras 16.78 mi 2,132 ft
Estrada Real de Cunha a Paraty 31.07 mi 3,248 ft
Pedra da Macela 10.56 mi 2,230 ft

Utah – USA

Utah Winter Fat Bike

The skiing phenomenon turns the Eden region in Utah into a renowned destination, with imposing mountain ranges covered in glistening white snow. Utah’s snow is famous for its soft consistency, referred to as “the greatest snow on earth” by skiing enthusiasts. Just an hour from Salt Lake City, you’ll find a unique area with top-notch resorts, making it a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. Adventure cycling enthusiasts also have a new opportunity: to explore trails with Fat Bikes in this snowy paradise. Our cycling tourism promises an exhilarating experience. Come adventure with us!


 Route Distance Elevation
North Fork 34.5 mi 3,318 ft
 Round Valley em Park City

Summer Utah

Discover the cycling paradise in summer, when the majestic mountains of Utah reveal breathtaking landscapes. Join tours in the natural reserves of the Eden region, captivated by unique rock formations, crystal-clear lakes, and deep canyons. Explore the rich history and culture through archaeological sites and the vibrant atmosphere of Salt Lake City. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through Utah’s wild beauty, where every pedal offers a new discovery in nature. Join us to explore cycling in Eden, Utah!


 Route Distance Elevation

Kayaking Tour at Causey Reservoir in Kayakland

10.5 mi
Cânion North Ogden 27.4 mi 3,961 ft
Powder Mountain 15.4 mi 4,176 ft
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